The Game Of Life 09/18/15
game godot android

This is a test project I made to learn and familiarize with the development in Godot Engine. It is a simple game where the player bounces elements above the head.
It took me about 10 hours realtime inside Godot and about the double for the assets ( I’m not a art person :) )

Engine features used:

  • 2d scenes, scene transitions & scene instancing
  • sprites
  • animations
  • music & sound
  • scripting
  • menus & basic GUI
  • Mobile & desktop deployement
  • 2D Particle System
  • Timers
  • Basic Input polling & Input Actions
  • Basic 2D physics

I’m sorry for the code mess and the structure of the game in general. This is my first try at Godot, so a lot of things I had to learn along the way.
You can take a look at the source code at bitbucket.

Download the game project and try it out! It’s made using version 1.0 of Godot Engine, but it should work without problems in v1.1 when it comes out.

You can reach me on Twitter @fede0d or send me an email at